Design project

Jollynox has always been actively engaged in finding sophisticated products. By using the most modern design systems, the company achieves technical solutions where quality is the primary attribute.

Raw materials

Jollynox has always paid great attention to the choice of raw materials. In particular, it specialises in selecting and processing stainless steel, a fine material which affords excellent sturdiness and hygiene qualities. It can also come in a variety of finishes which make it possible to create the styling and functional values that are best suited to all types of requirements.


These days, more and more people are turning their kitchen into an eco-sustainable space. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is not just an environmentally aware choice, but it also benefits your home economics. For Jollynox, there are many factors which combined can do a lot to help your kitchen be truly eco-compatible. Energy ratings and durable materials are just some issues that contribute to reduce waste and saving energy, helping save precious environmental resources.


Jollynox develops its projects with a special focus on safety in the kitchen. Indeed, all Jollynox products feature tools and functions designed to ensure the safety of adults and keep children out of harm’s way, while accommodating their natural curiosity.